this is a concept for the brand bang and olufsen.The tag line is the sound of luxuary and it shows headphones of bang and olufsen.Soundwaves comes out of it and form a piano,a rolex and a ferrari. this is an ad I made for petco in my class.It says everyone needs me time and shows a cat in a bathrobe. this is a story board I made in my class for a commercial for starhouse.In this story board you can see the directions that I want the commercial to follow and shows images to show what is happening in each frame.This story shows a women who is wondering in the streets and a man walks up to her.The man is being creepy and starts to follow her.Then when she  thinks she safe we see she is still being follow and the phrase when you are young the world is a scary place comes  and the starhouse logo. this is billboard I made for my class and its for odor-eaters.It says dont let stink be your signature smell scent and it shows smelly shoes.It also shows a big odor-eaters powder cut out. This is 4 designs that I made for class using shapes and lines to create different abstract designs This is a poster I made for my class that is a poster for AIGA for a exhibiton of Lourdes Zolezzi.This poster conatains the information of the event and has a design inspire by Lourdes Zolezzi. this is a poster I made for my class it says a safe space away from dangers.It shows a women who is scared because she is being follow by a man.This poster is for starhouse. this is a design I made for the quote in a getle way you can shake the world.I use the quote to make a drawing of Gandhi who is the person who said this quote this is a picture showing the guides to making the illustration of pups the company and as well as explaining what the company is about.