About Me

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My name is Katherine Alas,and I am a latina graphic designer.One of my favorite artists has been Frida Kahlo because I think her paintings were sometimes strange but done in a beautiful way. I think she was great at using the painting and telling a story, I also really like the way she uses color. A graphic designer who inspires me is Lourdes Zolezzi, she a recognize for her incredible use of graphics and pictures joined together. Something I personally like about her designs is that a lot of them are simple but very effective and on some occasions, she uses her work to communicate important issues like child hunger and violence towards women. Both of these women are very inspiring to me and both have a very unique style to their work, which is something I think is important and something I want to find for myself.I try to make my designs to be simple but unique because I think having a good design doesn’t have to be too complex, and if its a good design it will be able to get the message to the audience. I like to stay creative in my own time with some of my hobbies which are drawing, painting, and embroidery. I personally enjoy drawing scenery and backgrounds over all.



Hello my name is Katherine Alas,I am a graphic designer which is something I always wanted to do.I love drawing and designing , it has being something I am always drawn to because I am a creative person.I am a highly organize person with good communication and I have high critical thinking abilities.


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  • Internship at clinic
    • While working for this clinic I organized patient records.
    • I was also greeting the patients and looking to see if their insurance was eligible for the doctors.
    • I also had worked with the rest of the workers to help the patients and I helped with translating from Spanish to English for patients who needed assistance.
  • Babysitter
    • Have regularly taken care of sibling and other family members.
  • GWTV school club
    • This was a club that filmed school events and was shown in school.
    • Producer of the show so I had to organize the crew and I had to make sure everything was in order and organized.
    • As a producer, I had to always be on time and communicate to everyone what their tasks were as well as listen to their feedback in order to improve the work.
  • Sadie Nash Leadership Project
    • Took part in engaging classes about society and social justice that helped develop critical thinking and encourage problem-solving.
    • Worked with other members to develop projects.