Story Board for PSA Commercial

this is a story board I made in my class for a commercial for starhouse.In this story board you can see the directions that I want the commercial to follow and shows images to show what is happening in each frame.This story shows a women who is wondering in the streets and a man walks up to her.The man is being creepy and starts to follow her.Then when she  thinks she safe we see she is still being follow and the phrase when you are young the world is a scary place comes  and the starhouse logo.

This is a story board, I made for a starhouse ad.In this ad I wanted to focus in the reason why people might need starhouse's service, which is for teens and young adults to have a safe space.I wanted to show the dangers of being out in the streets, specially if you have no where to spend the night.I chose this scenario of someone following this young woman to show something that actually happens in real life to women or anyone who is out in the streets.This is a very scary scenario because in this cases these young adults don't have the support they need and which is what starhouse provides.