PSA Poster for Starhouse

this is a poster I made for my class it says a safe space away from dangers.It shows a women who is scared because she is being follow by a man.This poster is for starhouse.

In this project we wanted to bring awereness to starhouse for teens and young adults who need their services.In this project I wanted to be able to appeal to the audience by showing them the reasons why they should go to starhouse and use their services when they need it.Starhouse is a company that helps teens and young adults who are experiencing homelessness to have resources to get back on their feet.This is clearly a difficutl situation for them and I wanted to promote that starhouse was a safe space for them.I used this picture to show a young woman who is scare because she is being followed by a man.This is a scary situation that often happens to women, specially women who are experincing homelessness.By showing this very real situation I believe that it can be effective in the target audience because this will help them not only know the dangers but also direct them to a place where they can get the support they need.