Company and Illustration Style Concept

this is a picture showing the guides to making the illustration of pups the company and as well as explaining what the company is about.

This project was a group project in which we had to come up with a company and chose to do a concept illustration style bases in the company.We decided to make the company about puppies and how they are an organization that houses and helps dogs find a new home.For this project we were instructed to make the illustrations out of simple geometrict shapes to make it easy for others to create more characters or change them.We decided to use 5 shapes to create this illustations then we dicided that for the color pallet we wanted to keep it simple and use neutrals colors for the dogs and the people who represented pups to wear blue.We decided on the color blue because is a calming color and we wanted the mood to be calming and cheerful.For the final illustration we wanted to show case how PUPs would take care of the dogs and how happy the dogs would be about being taken care of.