Poster Design for AIGA Exhibition

This is a poster I made for my class that is a poster for AIGA for a exhibiton of Lourdes Zolezzi.This poster conatains the information of the event and has a design inspire by Lourdes Zolezzi.

In this project we made a mock poster for an AIGA exhibition about a designer of our chose.I chose to do it about Lourdes Zolezzi because I like her design style and I wanted to incorporate it to this design to showcase Zolezzi as a designer.I took inspiration based on her designs with graphic like in this poster.I also took inspiration in using the gradients because she often uses it in her design.I wanted to keep the design simple but I wanted to be able to direct the eye of the viewer.This is why I make the center of attention the circle with the name of Lourdes Zolezzi something that would stand out by using a color that is different than the background and then I added the graphic on the left of the page to help guide the eye throught the information.This also let me connect both parts of the design and make the poster more visually appealling.