Odor-eaters Billboard

this is billboard I made for my class and its for odor-eaters.It says dont let stink be your signature smell scent and it shows smelly shoes.It also shows a big odor-eaters powder cut out.

This is a billboard I design for an ad campaign for Odor-eaters, for this project I wanted to focus on the powderinstead of all the other products this company has.I think an effective way to advertise this product was to show the problem or the reason why someone needs to buy this product.While thinking of ideas the idea of the smell of someone could be the thing that makes them stand out, which could be positive and negative.I went with the idea of having a signature scent because it creates junxtoposition since a signature smell is a perfume or colone but instead is something you don't want.For this ad, I wanted to have a cut out because I think this will make the product stand out.